Strategies For Basic Slots Gambling

Strategies Slots

The three features that should dictate any slot players’ search for basic slots are:

1) One payline, in your quest to stretch your gambling bankroll.

2) Slot machine players must also search for non-progressive machines with up to 2 coins.

While a 2-coin machine can pay 80 coin for 3 double bars with 2 coin, a 3-coin machine can display a 120-coin for the same combination. However, remember that you have to play an extra coin each turn; therefore, payments are generally equal. Three slot machines seem more lucrative in their payout structure because they show that the player will win more, but the player must also bet more to get it.

Small or big bets?

Players who play three coin machines will spend far more than players who invest more time and money in favorite two- coin machines, which equates to more draws on that slot and more chances of win a jackpot.

3) Slot machine players will want to look for slot machines that pay double jackpot on certain combinations of paylines.

The principle of this double symbol is very simple. Each time it appears on the payline in combination with any other symbol that would normally have been a winning combination, the amount of the reward is doubled.

Look closely to see which machine you are playing, as not all machines will double and quadruple all wins, and all machines will not have a double chance to win jackpots.

Some machines will only have 2 double symbols, one on each of the first two reels, while other machines will have 3 of these double symbols, one on each of the 3 reels.

When choosing a “double” machine, it is important not to confuse it with wild cherries or any other symbol shown on the machine’s earnings display as being “wild”. The symbols identified as wild symbols for any other paying symbol, but do not double the gain.

In addition, most slot machines with a payout of 1,000 chips hit more often than those with 5,000 or 10,000 jackets … makes sense.

The blackjack players will argue loudly, but there is data that can earn as much money on an hourly basis by playing slot machines:

Cost per hour to play slot machines:

Denomination 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins
Nickel                    30, 60, 90.
Quarter                150, 300, 450.
Dollar                 600, 1200, 1800.

I leave my case to play 2 slot machines. With the quarter machines, the most played slot machines, I would have $ 150 more. to play with, 300 more rotations / draws on 2 coin machines and a bigger opportunity for jackpots.

I realize that today’s most popular online and offline slot machines are multi-line bonuses and that they are really fun to play and will pay you a profit.

I write extensively about them in my articles and in Casino Players Ezine, a newsletter about gambling. However, for the new player – basic single-line slot machines are a great place to start.

Remember: “Not only are you lucky with a game education, but you are doing your luck.”

You need to be 18+ to play online.