Progressive Jackpots Slot Machines

Progressive Jackpots


There are many of us, from time to time me too, who like to play some slots. I usually spend my time playing table games where the stakes are just a little higher and the action never ends. But the slot machines have turned the tables a bit. Progressive slots are making the stakes extremely high and the chance to win big is just a click away.

Maximum payout

With traditional slots, a player can win the most, the maximum payoff the particular machine offers. While this is usually pretty good in itself, a player can not go higher. And in order to get the maximum payout, a player must have the maximum bet and the planets have to be perfectly matched. Well, you get the idea. For progressive slots, however, the player must always have everything right, but the payouts can be astronomical. The difference between traditional slots and progressive devices is that progressive machines are connected in a row, giving the lucky player a payoff based on all the machines, not just one of them. This gives the player a much better chance of scoring in a big way. In fact, some of the payoffs paid out by the progressive machines were at times larger than some of the bigger winnings in table-top tournaments.

So my question is, why is someone still playing regular slots? A player can get the same amount of fun from a progressive slot machine that he can win much more money. There’s no reason why I can remember that anyone who plays slots online does not play progressive machines. If all players were to play the progressives, there would be a lot more money for someone to play to win. In fact, this would benefit the entire gambling community, which is progressively playing for everyone to play progressive slots and hope they can win their piece of the pie.

Not to say, of course, that normal slot machines and games do not have their virtues. There are a number of reasons why regular slot machines still enjoy the widespread popularity that they have. Progressive slot machines are nothing new and have been around for quite some time, and they certainly have not left the slot machine market.

I think it depends only on personal preferences and what the player is looking for. Like everything else in life, variety is the spice of life and if you have not checked out any progressive slot machines, it could be the ingredient you are looking for.