How To Improving Your Odds on Roulette


Improving your odds on Roulette.

When I play roulette, I choose only the best bets (you earn less money but you have a lower risk than for other bets).

Be sure to play only European roulette because the American has an extra double zero, which gives the home and the advantage of the European, with a home advantage of only 2.70%. On the American wheel, the house has a 5.26% advantage, so do not even try.

I will now show you which are the best choices:

The bet of the column

If you look at the roulette table, you will easily see three columns of 12 digits each. These are known in European roulette as dozens. The best method is to place your bet on two of the three columns. You now have 24 numbers covered and converted into a 2: 1 bet. Statistically, you have 63.16% of the changes to win with this method. Example: if you place your bet $20 on each of the two columns. If you win, you will receive $40, so you will have a $ 20 profit. On the other hand, the probability of winning in 10 rounds is at least 50%. WARNING: we know that the chances of the house increase if you play too much time. If you win, go with your profits.

Rules of European roulette.

This rule (only available on European roulette) reduces the house advantage and is a good bet point, but it only works on equal par bets: high / low bets (or 1-18 / 19- 36), even / odd bets and red / black bets. Basically, the rule states that if the zero reaches, you receive half the bet or you can leave the entire bet for the next round. This method reduces the casino’s advantage to 1.35%. It is a good method to try.

Situation Bet

Scenarios have a lot of odds against you (that’s why the payoff is high, but if you’re looking at the numbers that come out in some rounds (100 or more), you can get a sense of what’s going on. numbers that never appeared and then, for me, it sometimes worked and as the payment is very high, I also use it and continue to follow the numbers that come out all the time.I found a great software and FREE which can help you with tracking, and the resulting analysis of numbers is called “Real time Roulettemaster” and is very simple to use.


Do not play too long. Always remember that this is a game of luck, we can simply improve the chances of winning and that, in the bad days, we can lose so as not to be too greedy, it is to earn money for the pleasure. On my website, I have some other tips to make you play casino games and increase your chances. Try it, if you want to win of course! Be aware that these games are addictive. Play smartly. Remember roulette is a random luck game, don’t play more then you can afford to loose.