Five Card Stud Poker

Five Card Stud Poker


No a long time ago 5 Card Stud was one of the most popular poker game. It was launched in New Orleans, took the steamboats up the Mississippi and moved west with the gold rush and the end of the Civil War. The game is fairly easy to play and requires some bluffing, as the hand options are easy to read. It is played with a face-down card and four face-up cards. Betting begins after the first two cards have been dealt and will continue after the other three cards have been dealt. This game is the game that is played in the movie Cincinnati Kid.

Five Card Draw Poker

Today, online casinos offer less and less. Some live casinos will reserve a table on certain days or special days. The game is increasingly difficult to find and many new players have never played the game. The best starting hand is a pair of aces or another high pair. Higher value couples tend to hold their own in this game. Three equals are a monster hand, and every bigger hand would be a supermonster. Five Card Draw Poker replaced this game in popularity as it enabled more bets and more gambling as each player saw more cards to make a hand. Lack of betting options helped kill the 5-Card Stud. Seven-card studs both replaced in most card rooms, and this game is still one of the casino’s favorites.

There is a love romance about 5-Card Stud, and it has long been favored in the cinema because it is relatively easy to understand and follows the action while a hand is played.


Five-Card Stud is a good game to learn how to play poker and hand. The lack of complications makes it easy to learn and play fast. The other feature of this stud game is the art of bluffing. Bluffing is part of poker and stud is a game that can make a good bluff against other players at the table. If you have no pair at the end of the five cards, it is very difficult to put up a big bet with an ace. Four cards for a flush show are difficult to name without a pair.